Let's get through ! (1.Topic?)

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Let's get through ! (1.Topic?)

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 03/15/2004 - 07:36.

How to display AA-Fonts?

Of course there is some work to do. It might be good to utilize Xft but it seems that this project is a bit sleepy. I myself would prefer the direct usage of a free font package. Freetype is the most common and flexible way to choose.

But how get it working.?

  • 1. We need a translation of XLFD to Freetype (or other) font naming conventions. That shouldn't be too hard through a simple map file
  • 2. There much more complex thing is to display the font using an external library. All text displaying Widgets must access this new method (at least when such a font|mode has been selected). I think this should work through reimplementing| modifying some traits functions. Maybe there is some kind of substructure or some prepared fields at Traits level.

Any hints ?

I would appreciate to get this working first as a simple solution/ test mechanism and later as a simple resource selection within openmotif widgets.