how to port openmotif to ppc platform

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how to port openmotif to ppc platform

Submitted by cassie on Tue, 04/18/2006 - 05:33.

Hi experts,
I want to port openmotif to ppc platform, but cross-compiling failed,Can you help? these are my instructsions:
1. cross-compiling X11R6.9.0 and install it
2. cross-compiling openmotif
a. download openmotif-2.3.0-20060106.tar.gz and untar it
b. set the environment variables
# export CC=ppc_405-gcc
# export AS=ppc_405-as
# export LD=ppc_405-ld
# export AR=ppc_405-ar
# export RANLIB=ppc_405-ranlib
# export CPP=ppc_405-cpp
# export CXX=ppc_405-cxx
# export NM=ppc_405-nm
# export STRIP=ppc_405-strip
c. config
# ./configure --x-includes=/opt/devkit/ppc/405/target/usr/X11R6/include/ --x-libraries=/opt/devkit/ppc/405/target/usr/X11R6/usr/X11R6/lib --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --host=powerpc-hardhat-linux

on the screen, output the message:
checking for /usr/X/include/X11/X.h... configure: error: cannot check for file existence when cross compiling

why the configure script still searchs the file /usr/X/include/X11/X.h on the host machine when cross-compiling it ? plz give me some guides, thanks a lot!