how to make motif code platform independent

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how to make motif code platform independent

Submitted by ak on Fri, 11/18/2005 - 16:38.

Hi every one.

I have Motif 2.1, I am trying to migrate motif 2.1 code to Qt, by using Qt-Motif extension.

In order to migrate motif to qt, Do I need to remove dependencies, i.e Xt or Xm, or Both or None ?
If i used Qt-Motif extension's will the code become platform independent,
Wht steps are required while migrating motif code to Qt,
How to make Motif code(after migrating to Qt) platform independent

looking forward for the above, urgently..............

Thanks & Regards

Sun, 12/11/2005 - 17:17#1

Sun, 12/11/2005 - 17:17#1


how to make motif code platform independent

From what I understand, the Qt-Motif extension only helps
you in making a mixed-mode application (application which mixes
both calls to Qt and Motif / Xt / Xlib), which help you survive in the
years it takes to port your application from Motif to Qt exclusively.
It does not make magically Motif more cross platform than it already is.
For any serious application, such a porting is a huge effort, and if you have an application proven in action for several years, it is a huge risk to port it to Qt in one go (not that you really can) and just ship the crap to the customers. It is much better to port it progressively and release it to your customers base, so you can avoid a major release which breaks everything.
So in my opinion, you can not remove linking to Xt and/of Motif, as long as you use any for the Motif stuff.

Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Dusan Peterc