mwm, font setting for window title

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mwm, font setting for window title

Hi All,

I'm using mwm from MOTIF 2.3.4 as the Window Manager on my SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, I want to show English and CJK characters on the window title, so I set the font for window title as the following,

mwm*client*title.fontList:-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso10646-1

MWM can show CJK characters on window title correctly, but English characters wronly displayed. For instance when I trying to show English characters "AB" as the window title, it shows as Chinese character"",  the Unicode code of "" is 0x4142, it seems X11 regard string "AB" as one Unicode character "".

The problem is when window client pass the window title through ICCCM with XA_STRING atom to MWM, and since font encoding for mwm client title is ISO10646-1, XM regards 2 ASCII characters as 1 Unicode character and rendered wrong glyph from the font.

Could you guys help to check the following questions, and any suggestions are highly appreciated.

My questions:

1. is it possible to set renderTable for mwm client title? Then I can take advantage of XFT tech for font rendering.

2. Is it possible to set two fonts for mwm client title one is for ISO8859-1, the other one is ISO10646? I tried to set multiple fonts as below, but does not work for MWM, any suggetions?

Mwm*client*title.fontList:-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso8859-1;-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso10646-1


Mwm*client*title.fontList:-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso8859-1;\

-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso10646-1


Note 1: Arial Unciode Font installed on my OS and xlsfonts can show the correct info

Note2: the running environment is en_US.UTF8(LC_ALL is en_US.UTF8)


Reproduce procedure

1.  modify the font setting for mwm client title as the

followingmwm*client*title.fontList:-monotype-arial unicode ms-medium-r-normal-*-iso10646-1

2. start firefox or other application to check the windoe title