invalid module structure - check UIL module s

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invalid module structure - check UIL module s

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 06/18/2001 - 10:40. General Questions
I have a uil compilation problem here. Here when I tried to compile a uil file I got an error saying that ?invalid module structure - check UIL module syntax?. But I cannot find anything wrong with that uil file. So I wrote a very small and basic uil file and tried to compile it with the following command

uil ?o UilTest.uid Test.uil ?I/usr/X11R6/include/uil

And I am getting that error. I referred to motif reference and I got the following suggestion.

invalid module structure - check UIL module syntax
Severity Error The structure of the UIL module is incorrect.
User Action If there are any syntax errors reported, fix them and
recompile. For example, if the error occurs before the first object
declaration (that is, before your value and object declarations), check
the syntax of the module header for unwanted; (semicolons) after the
module clauses. If the error occurs at the end of the module, check that
the module concludes with the keywords "end module;".

But I don?t think the module structure is incorrect. I am attaching the uil file. Please try , if you don?t mind.

Thank you,
Saji R

I am pasting the uil code below, and I am attaching the same in the Linux format also.
module UilTestApp
version = `v1.0`
include file `XmAppl.uil`;
object Dlg XmForm{
XmFrame DlgLabel;
XmNwidth = height;
XmNheight = 100;

object DlgFrame XmLabel{
XmNtopAttachment = XmATTACHFORM;
XmNleftAttachment = XmATTACHFORM;
XmNtopOffset = 14;
XmNleftOffset = 15;
XmNlabelString = "uiltest";
end module;


I don`t see anything obviously wrong, just looking at the code, but I haven`t tried compiling it.

In general, when you get this sort of error, you should confirm that your uil compiler has been compiled and is working properly. The best way to do this is to run the regression tests. Short of that, though, you can simply compile periodic or motifburger or one of the other simple test provided with the Motif distribution. You will very quickly determine whether the uil compiler works at all.


The only time I`ve seen this error is when there is an "end module" statement at the end of an included uil file...