How to select all itms of list

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How to select all itms of list


Can anybody help me with my problem.
I am looking for a way to select all items of list.
There is a function XmListDeselectAllItems which deselect all items in the list.
Is not there any similar function which will select all items?
Or maybe you know some other way how to do it (not selecting all items one by one with XmListSelectPos)?

Thanks in advance,

XmStringTable table;

XmStringTable table;

XtVaGetValues( list, XmNitems, &table, null );

XtVaSetValues( table, XmNselectedItems, table, NULL );


Do not free table (getValues returns the actual  internal list). Also be sure the

selectionMode allows multiple selections.



Fred K


Thank you very much Fred K.
You help me again.