BX PRO 5.0

Hints for New Users

1. The BX PRO Installation notes assume that you are installing a purchased product and so direct you to install the FlexLM license server. You do not need to install FlexLM to evaluate BX PRO! For UNIX workstation users (Sun, HP, Compaq, SGI, and IBM), you should have received a letter with your evaluation software that provides the license key and the instructions on how to use the key. For Linux users, you should have received a key and the accompanying instructions by email.

Layouts and Geometry


Builder Xcessory facilitates working with layout and geometry management objects. With combinations of direct manipulation and specialized editors, Builder Xcessory provides WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") access to the powerful, but complex and otherwise difficult to use manager widgets-- most notably the Motif Form widget and the Java AWT objects with their various layout policies such as the GridBag.

Managing Your UI Layout

BX PRO 5 Getting Started

Builder Xcessory Overview

Builder Xcessory is a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") visual development environment for user interfaces. Builder Xcessory has an extensible palette of user interface (UI) objects with which you construct your interface, and includes the following features:


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