ChartObject/EditTable/EPak/EPak PRO/View3D Addendum

  1. To ensure a successful installation, please make sure that you select the correct product(s) and supply the correct decryption keys. If incorrect information is provided, the installer may enter an infinite loop.
  2. When integrating with BuilderXcessory on systems with CDE, you must use the Motif in /usr/dt/lib. This is especially important on current HP/UX releases, which include multiple incompatible versions of Motif with the default system. The BuilderXcessory binaries expect to be linked with the same Motif libraries they were compiled against originally.
  3. Due to the uniqueness of DEC UNIX, View3D should be used independently of BX 4.0. Please contact if you have any questions.
  4. For DEC UNIX, The 'texture' demo in the View3D examples directory does not work and may cause segmentation fault. You can apply the following fix: replace line 465: if((indices = (int **)malloc(num_polys * sizeof(int))) == NULL) {with: if((indices = (int **)malloc(num_polys * sizeof(int *))) == NULL) {You can also visit our website for the revised texture.c file.
  5. For DEC UNIX, the (demo) Tabstack toggle buttons to change properties of the Tabstack (place tabs on left, right, top, and bottom, switch between different tab styles) do not work. A revised TabStack demo code is available at our Tech Support website.
  6. For the latest EPak PRO/View3D addendum and information, please visit our Tech Support web site.

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