Change Log

This is the Change List for Builder Xcessory. All CRs listed in this
file have been resolved. The CRs are inserted in the order they were

FIXED in 6.3.3 Release
- Fixed crash when we click Help->Version/About…->My Overlay…
- Fixed other potential crashes with the same origin

FIXED in 6.3.2 Release

- Fixed crash when creating new class
- fixed bug: palette items get lost when we make changes in palette and save palette on exit

FIXED in 6.3.1 Release

- Fixed bug that causes a crash in rare situation related with option menus and other pop-up windows

FIXED in 6.3 Release

BZ01740: Infinite loop in the bxutils-C.C method SetImagePixels
xxxxxxx: Updated EPak to 3.0.15
BZ01823: Error reading the (catalog) file on Ubuntu 12.04
BZ01835: Inherited class is not calling the parent create() method
BZ01822: The BX code generator generate wrong code for pre-defined procedures
BZ01848: Context menu "delete" button needs to be replaced with "Delete"
with proper mnemonics
xxxxxxx: Implemented overcoming fix of a bug in flex 2.5.39
xxxxxxx: Added support of ICS commercial Motif 2.3.5
xxxxxxx: Ported BX on ICSLM2 license manager

We are no longer using FLEXLM on UNIX and using the same license scheme already in existence for the Linux platform as indicated here on the ICS Website:
ICS would need the hostname and hostid to generate a new key.

Ported to RHEL 7 type systems
fixed XLC compile errors
fixed pixmap editor and unlocked Edit Pixmap button
fixed 64-bit incompatibility (stack overflow)
fixed bug. Crashed when compiled with gcc 4.8. Reason: stack underflow
fixed gcc namespace errors
fixed C++ name conflict
Fixed bug VK mode crash; errors/hang concerned with incorrect locale.
BZ01740: Infinite loop in the bxutils-C.C method SetImagePixels
xxxxxxx: Updated EPak to 3.0.15
BZ01823: Error reading the (catalog) file on Ubuntu 12.04
BZ01835: Inherited class is not calling the parent create() method
BZ01822: The BX code generator generate wrong code for pre-defined procedures
ported BX on 64-bit architecture. In the past releases BX GUI builder 32 bit only. However we shipped libs of EPak and Viewkit libs or 64 so customers could create 64 bit native applications.

FIXED in 6.0.0 ---------------------------------------------------------

FIXED in 6.0.0 Cycle 1--------------------------------------------------

CR03945: Code Generator crashes on Specific UIL File. Fixed in 6.0.0,
will not be fixed in 5.0.x series.
CR03978: XmNotebook crashes BX.
CR03976: Changing a XmComboBox resource crashes BX.
CR03980: XmRenderTable has resources, it should have none.
CR03987: Key Bindings do not work from BX.
CR03990: VkPie crashes BX. If you try to use VkPie, BX crashes.
CR03995: XmSpin Box does not show arrows.
CR00160: Icons are ugly.
CR03788: Add indicator when file is being loaded.

FIXED in 6.0.0 Cycle 2--------------------------------------------------

CR03997: The default widget size in the collection files is 10x10
pixels, this is unreasonable. This was found in BX5.0.8, but
will not be fixed.
CR03998: XmDialogs with non-top-level parent are not visible.
CR04001: Builder Xcessory Script does not work for users with no
CR04007: Builder Xcessory 6.0 Create a VkSimple Window, Delete VkSimple
Window, Create a VkWindow, BX crashes.
CR04010: Builder Xcessory 6.0 conflicts with Builder Xcessory 5.x

FIXED in 6.0.0 Cycle 3 -------------------------------------------------

CR04016: Typo in generated code.
CR04019: The string "Generate Special UIL" is unclear, changed to
"Generate Motif Compliant UIL".
CR04020: When pixmap file is saved in UIL only a default palette is
used. Some colors are wrong.
CR04021: XmContainer accepts widgets other than XmIconGadget as children.
CR04023: Linux only, the file icslicense.dat not found in home directory.
CR04024: Linux only, ICS_LICENSE_FILE env variable used to point to
license file.
CR04029: Linux only, Palette was missing Public/Private Class folders.
CR04030: XmNx resource was incorrectly set to a random value in UIL
generation for all widgets.
CR04032: SGI only, when running BX on IRIX, but exporting the display to
another machine, BX will crash when you dismiss the start panel.
CR04033: SGI only, compatibility (5.0.9) issue. XmString constants in
uil file cause crash when loading file.
CR04035: Personal Classes make palette unreasonably large. Added Minimum
and Maximum Palette dimensions.
CR04047: Palette Icons turn black with large collection files.
CR04052: fstat broken in Linux 2.4, code gen won't start.

FIXED in 6.0.0 Pre-Release --------------------------------------------

CR04045: Clicking along X or Y lines in build mode allows widgets to be
CR04025: Code Generator produces include def.h when there is no file.
CR03988: XmAttachment Popup menu always displays XmATTACH_NONE(the default).
CR04055: Builder default resources applied to user code.
CR04056: Palette View Menu item has a resource problem.
CR04057: no_license error when starting w/o LM_LICENSE_FILE set.
CR04060: Tree - and + graphics are reversed.
CR04008: DialogBoxes (XmMessageBox etc.) have incorrect geometry
CR04069: XmNnotebookChildType Resource not set correctly
(in code or builder).
CR04068: XmNpageNumber constrain resource not updated correctly.
CR04031: VkGenericDialog has inconsistent look for children.
CR04048: RadioBox XmNentryClass resource not initialized correctly.
CR04073: Typo in User Preferences, Palette tab.
CR04075: ICSBX daemon not distributed with BX 6.0.
CR02997: Palette Tool Tips should not display when labels are visible.

FIXED in 6.0.0 Solaris No-Documentation Release 5 April 2002 -----------

CR04074: Code Generator errors with constant definitions.
CR04077: Uil Instance names longer than 32 characters need a warning.
CR04088: Setting the default language will cause deadlock.
CR04095: DtComboBox Resource crashes BX on uil Load.
CR04096: Creating a new Identifier from XmNuserData crashes BX.
CR04099: CVS Tools OptionMenu doesn't work.
CR04104: VkPie crashes BX when created in a DialogShell.
CR04103: Compile errors with g++ 2.95.3.
CR04105: SGI only, BX crashes on UIL file load, won't accept multiple
CR04106: VkMenuAction has invalid callback resources.
CR04107: XmNindicatorOn has no valid enumeration set.

FIXED in 6.0.0 General Release 2 May 2002 ------------------------------

CR03542: Resource editor for VkMenuBar has invalid resources displayed.
CR04046: SGI only, Dialogs in XmMainWindows crash BX.
CR03343: Setting a style via drag and drop with only width set crashes BX.
CR04109: Commas are not allowed in defined types, ie. map.
CR03846: Commas are not allowed in an identifier.
CR04112: XmMainWindow always child of a DialogShell, never Toplevel.
CR04113: XmNmnemonic default value displays in RE incorrectly.
CR04114: Palette is blank after many BX starts. Palette string was
CR04115: XmNdecimalPoints for SpinBox has wrong resource type.
CR04111: Added method to create top-level palette groups.
CR04086: VkNoutlineItems generated incorrect exposed code.
CR04110: Static class data members with no initial value are not defined.

FIXED in 6.0.1 Release 10 June 2002 ------------------------------

CR04124: VkTabSet tcl script has incorrect name. Causes generation
CR04127: Organized Palette popup menu to reduce user errors.
CR04128: Fixed spelling error on Palette Popup Menu.
CR04129: XmNbackPageSize resource not set correctly.
CR04130: Test Tool tab has inconsistent toggle button size.
CR04131: app-defaults file name is not constant with Application Class.
CR04132: FontList was not checking a "FontList Set" correctly.
CR04133: SGI only, still needed Bx-Beta Feature Key to run.
CR04134: Option Menu to select editor broke when nedit was selected.
CR04123: Templates as parameters in classes cause user code block save
xxxxxxx: Added a Class / Instance mode label to clarify what mode was
CR04136: arrowSize and arrowSpacing resources do not accept correct
value in BX.
xxxxxxx: Media Serial Numbers added to Distribution.
xxxxxxx: Updated Tutorials added to Distribution.

FIXED in 6.1.0 Release 30 Aug 2002 -------------------------------------

xxxxxxx: Added Tutorial 6.
CR04143: StorageLocation Dialog Box sometimes insensitive when used on C
xxxxxxx: Added ToolTips for cut off resource names in the Resource Editor.
CR04141: Class Data Declaration for non-static variables found in *.C
CR04147: ldelete was missing its Default resource label string.
CR04146: XmNautoUnmanage resource not available on XmForm.
CR04100: Code generator causes BX to crash with certain
XmMessageBox/Callback combinations.
CR04148: The "View" menu toggle buttons not initialized with correct
CR04151: C Lang Subclasses with class instances as members are created
CR04153: VkSubMenu label string created twice.
CR04150: XmNUserData will not save Boolean Values correctly to uil file.
CR04154: VkGeneric Dialog Show resource toggles don't work.
CR04157: VkSimple Window Instances fail on AIX.
xxxxxxx: Added a more descriptive Linux evaluation key.
CR04164: VkGeneric Dialog missing ApplyLabel/ApplyCallback.
CR04094: Exposed geometry resource in private class doesn't work.
CR04170: Right Mouse button broken when BX run on CDE machine and
displayed on Linux.
CR04175: Corrupted memory causes crash in evaluation entry.
CR04171: SHLIB_PATH not set in BX start script.

FIXED in 6.1.1 Release 14 Nov 2002 -------------------------------------

CR04144: XmNentryClass resource type should be WidgetClass instead of a
CR04162: BX crashes dragging editable from the palette.
CR04190: Incorrect superclass callback list validation.
CR04196: BX crashes opening "Tools Preferences" dialog.
CR04197: Fails to generate code on class files (Both Redhat 7.2 & 7.3).
CR04184, CR04193: Strict Dialogs toggle not working correctly.
CR04191: Unable to save class, "Save Class" menu item is sensitive.
CR04186: BX crashes loading tutorial6 uil file.
CR04201: Selecting ChangeLog menu item throws a Motif overlay mrg. in
the stdout.
xxxxxxx: License Debugging output added.

FIXED in 6.1.2 Release 02 July 2003 ------------------------------------

0000094: Setting the expose resource in a class is not updated in its
0000095: Multiple dialog shell instantiated in the generated C source
0000143: Fails to recognize the license manager being set on SGI
0000175: No code generated for the newly added resources of an
integrated widget.
0000457: Label fonts defers in the generated code from the one shown
within BX.
0001040: Changing instance name of the "action" component within
VkOption menu crashes BX.
0001223: No callbacks of the Edit Table widget are listed in the
resource editor after selecting "Callback resources".
0001318: Code generation fails to generate code for the XRT widgets.
0001550: Columns resource takes precedence over the width resource of
the text field widget.
0001674: Setting the automanage resource on a message dialog widget
crashes BX.
0001806: Changing option menu instance name in the resource editor
crashes BX.
0001986: BX crashes using "Resource Editor Default Placement" editor.
0002163: Unable to generate C/C++/Viewkit code for the SGI platforms.
0002520: Code generations fails to generate code on freeing the
0002663: Instance name of the pulldown menu in the option menu widget
gets suffixed with "MenuShell".
0002717: Changing the pdf viewer in the user preference causes BX to
0002770: Unable to change the width and height of the motif container
widgets from the resource editor.
0003022: Incorrect XmNvalue resource settings in the UIL file.
0003277: Multiple widget header files included in the C language code
0003477: Fails to set the width and height resource in a widget using
constant values.
0005811: Fails to read the X and Y axis resource data type of float in
the XiPlotter widget.
0006871: Changing the label string resource of a label or push button
widget within VkGenericDialog crashes BX.
CR04198: Creating sub classes of VkSubMenu causes code generation error.
CR04163: BX code generation failure under SGI only.
CR04165: Setting XmNscrollHorizontal to False of a text widget and
saving the UIL file crashes BX.
xxxxxxx: Builder Xcessory fails to read-in the UIL files from a
symbolically linked "classes" folder of BX system files.
xxxxxxx: Added abstract user code blocks for code generation.

FIXED in 6.1.2 Final Release 25 Aug 2003 ---------------------------------

0008674: Selecting "Select Parent" menu item in the view menu, crashes BX.
0008141: Unable to save a class containing instance of a standalone
primitive widget.
0008648: Selecting "Raise" menu item in the edit menu, crashes BX.
0009209: Unable to edit widget resources using the style editor.

FIXED in 6.1.3 Release 24 June 2004 ---------------------------------------

0000227: BX crashes, opening a uil file containing XmNtearOffTitle
0001006: Class uil combobox overshadows widget instance name(Removed)
0002382: Sorting procedures, identifiers and constants in the uil file
0004359: Custom callbacks are not listed in the callbacks editor
0004906: Viewkit component fails to set resources from the app-defaults
0005116: Unable to set the XmTearOffmodel resource for the XmPulldownMenu
0008649: Using pixmap extended editor, crashes BX under linux(Removed)
0009000: Incorrect visual policy warnings for the scrolled window widget
0009025: Incorrect "Cut" operation in the XmMainWindow widget
0009144: Ghost widget represented in the browser object and class instance
0009465: Fails to generate creation-c.h header file
0009590: Scrolled window child type resource getting modified after setting
0009795: VkNselectedTabBackground & VkNtabBackground fails to set in the
generated code
0013911: Incorrect code generated by BX, setting the title resource of a
Viewkit dialog
0013955: Setting the Viewkit dialog label strings of "Ok" and "Cancel"
pushbuttons, generates incorrect code
0014052: BX code genrator is unable to set the label string of a
VkSubMenu componet
0014128: Added classes and methods comment user code blocks
0014294: Redundant Xt and viewkit includes
0014409: Incorrect type reference for the XmNbackPagePlacement resource
of the NoteBook widget
0014484: Switching from Instances to classes mode or classes to instances
mode fails under browser window toolbar menu

Note: In the above exsisting patch release, their are minor cosmetic
changes to the Builder Xcessory browser and the resource editor windows.
Such as,

1. Better navigation of the palette, object and class instance hierarchy
2. Toggle buttons for instances and classes mode
3. Background color changes on selecting the instances and classes mode
4. Editing a pixmap through the pixmap editor has been removed, under
Linux only

FIXED in 6.1.4 Release 28 November 2005 ------------------------------------

Generic changes pertaining to this patch release are,

* Fixes memory related issues while using BX identifiers, procedures and
* Editing a pixmap through the pixmap editor has been removed from all

0017338: rgb.txt file not found under AIX 5.x
0019495: Problem saving BX 3.5 & 4.0 UIL files, BX crashes
0019953: Unable to save UIL file with large numbers of identifiers, resulted
in BX crashing.
0020373: Resizing font dialog causes Font Tag field to vanish, making it
impossible to create a new one without restarting BX.
0019845: BX 613 crash on solaris 8 - problem with identifers
0020373: Resizing font dialog causes Font Tag Field to vanish, making it
impossible to create a new one without restarting BX
0020419: BX 613 crashes while manipulating menus
0020527: BX 613 crashes using resource editor of style manager, under SGI only
0020836: Compiler warnings using BX generated utility code
0022831: Unable to save uil files under BX system folder called "classes"
0023483: BX 613 crashes using middle mouse button under BX palette, under
SGI only
0024037: Duplicate header file includes by the BX code generator
xxxxxxx: BX code generator fails to call create method of the inherited class
xxxxxxx: Redundant viewkit includes in the code generated files
xxxxxxx: XmMainWindow gets deleted using "cut" operation on a child widget

FIXED in 6.2 Release 05 August 2008 ------------------------------------------

Generic changes pertaining to this patch release are,

* C++ namespace suuport

- All base classes provide a name tag
- Sub classes will indicate the namespace tag that it belongs
- Flag to turn off namespace usage under "Code Generation Preference Dialog"
- Code generator will generate classes with namespace

* Support for long names for both instances and classes

* GUI status during long file operations

- Status bar in the Browser window to display current status of Open,
Save and close operations of a uil file
- Code generation messages from the code generator

* Scrollbars for the browser window

- Scrolled window instead of port hole for the widget tree
- Flag to switch between scrolled window and the port hole under
BX preferences

* Directory selection path dialog for the code generation

* Override shell is included in the shell panel of "User Preferences Dialog"

* BX no longer supports Java language and it is been completely removed

* Builder Xcessory Object Packager is deprecated and will be removed in the
future release

Bug Fixes:

0000953: Incorrect set of values listed for the scrolled window child type
constraint resource
0000954: Multiple unnecessary calls to XtSetTypeConverter with redundant
0000955: BX utility code leaks memory calling XtConvert routinues
0000956: BX utility code is not thread safe
0000968: BX palette shows up empty after modifying and saving the widget
0000969: Code generation preference directory path needs file browser
0001013: Opening one of the tutorial files and then selecting close from
the browser window, crashes BX
0001045: Scrolled window child type of XmList widget has no value by default
0026596: Incorrect dimensions set on the OptionMenu widget, while creating
and modifyings its resources
0030311: Adding push buttons into pull down menus of the option menu
widget, crashes BX
0035616: Page number resource value is set incorrectly for the NoteBook
0069693: BX overwrites the contents of a user code block specified in the
constant header file
0074576: Position mode resource is incorrectly set for a combo box widget
0075356: Incorrect code generated by BX calling XtVaGetValues()
0075487: Interacting with the class name list crashes BX
0076197: Incorrect derived class names created, when "Generate Derived
Files" is selected in the "C++ Generation Preferences" dialog
0076595: Unable to edit the derived class names in the resource editor
BZ01192: Added modal dialog to BX for asking to exit if BX need to be
restarted. It is needed for "Start with Epak widgets" and "Start
with Scrolled Window Browser" options.
BZ01193: Added support of "Center Browser Tree" feature to scrolled window.
BZ01202: BX crashes trying to interact with the user interface faster than
BZ01203: Font warnings during BX startup.
BZ01229: Corrected the code generation. Added generating of declaration of
the derived class instead of the base class if it is needed.
BZ01233: Incorrect geometry issue in the resource editor "Generate Derived
Files" option is checked.
BZ01257: Corrected the code generation. Added checking whether there is
C++ compiler for unused function parameters.
BZ01275: Added dialog window which asks user to save new classes the local
folders if this user don't have permissions to write into system
BZ01276: Added saving of new BX palette classes to UIL files. Added
reading this classes.
BZ01305: BX crashes on drag'n'drop operations in the palette.
BZ01307: Incorrect geometry of BX main window if there are saved classes
in system or user folders ("Private Classes" or "Public Classes"
group in the palette).
BZ01319: Incorrect saving of classes that contains an identifier as value
of 'userData' field of RscEditor.
BZ01335: BX crashes when adding new constant for 'userData' widget
BZ01278: Incorrect loading of "Generate Derived Files" option saved value
for resource editor
BZ01323: Incorrect code generation using flex v2.5.33 under Fedora 7
BZ01355: Removed redundant "Cancel" button from "Save on Exit" dialog
BZ01356: Incorrect code generation in SetImagePixels function
BZ01357: Incorrect code generation of "include" directives for ViewKit
BZ01358: Generated Imakefile doesn't contain EPak libraries for LIBS variable
BZ01375: Incorrect viewkit code generation for the class name attribute
BZ01382: Generated BX code for 'test/motifburger.uil' causes warning
BZ01386: BX Code generation creates a backup file, when there are no changes
to the GUI
BZ01388: Unable to set the TearOffModel resource for the "XmPulldownMenu" widget
BZ01392: BX code generation failed on both C++ and ViewKit code generating
BZ01393: "Code Generation Preferences" window's entry fields control buttons
are positioned incorrectly
BZ01394: Code generator syntax correction using the newer version of TCL
BZ01399: VkWindow code generation fails to declare and define undo attribute
BZ01426: Incorrect WML lexical analyser code generation using the latest
version of flex 2.5.31
BZ01433: Radio Box behaves incorrectly with XmNPacking resource set to XmPACK_NONE
BZ01435: Using XmNisHomogeneous resource generates incorrect code for the
Radio Box widget

FIXED in 6.2 Release Patch1 --------------------------------------------------

BZ01478: Incorrect code generation of C files (legacy compilers)
BZ01481: BX crashes during saving public classes
BZ01487: Incorrect widgets layout of instances/classes form
BZ01498: Storage Location feature is not working
BZ01497: BX generates incorrect code for VkTabSet
BZ01499: BX 6.2 Pro crash on AIX 5.3
BZ01516: Incorrect value returned by "@is_dialog_class" TCL function
BZ01518: VkNtabSelected resource is not written in UIL file by default
BZ01522: VkNtabSelected resource saved in UIL file is ignored for VkTabSet widget
0086419: Incorrect work of Code Generator on AIX 5.3.

FIXED in 6.2 Release Patch2 --------------------------------------------------

BZ01535: Code generation fails with the message of duplicate definition of
BZ01541: Wrong C++ code generation: not defined variables cdc and argok.

FIXED in 6.2.1 Release -------------------------------------------------------

BZ01566: Compile time warning (RHEL5 x86_64)
BZ01561: The cgx62 script do not work with command line options for Codegen
BZ01562: XmTextField width error in XiColumn

FIXED in 6.2.2 Release -------------------------------------------------------

BZ01578: Wrong XiCombinationBox behavior when its width changed (EPak issue).

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