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Welcome to the New MotifZone! You've landed on the official home page for the Open Motif development project. Motif is the industry standard toolkit for UNIX systems and Open Motif, based on the Motif source code, provides a freely available version for open source developers. On this site you will find the Bug database for Motif, pre-built binary distributions for popular Linux distributions, comprehensive Motif documentation, a variety of developer forums where users help each other, the industry's largest collection of software add-ons and reference material for Motif, and the Official Open Motif project page where you can find out what is next and how to participate. Please take some time and stroll around the site. Whether you have been developing with Motif for years, or have just started to use it, there will be something here to help your development along! If you are getting an error while loading shared libraries:, you can get here!