Installing from a Download

The software you downloaded is a copy of the actual installation media that we ship on CD. The only difference is that it has been tar’ed and then gziped. After performing the tar and gunzip in Step #1 below, you can use follow the detailed instructions in Installing from a CD above. Alternatively, you can follow the Quick Start instructions below.

  1. Extract the Software: If you have Gnu Tar (commonly called gtar, or just tar on Linux) type at the shell prompt:
    % tar xzvf bxe6.tar.gz

    Where will be 2-5 characters representing the target operating system for your evaluation. If you do not have gnu tar type:
    % gunzip bxe6.tar.gz

    and then type:
    % tar -xvf bxe6.tar

    Note: This step does NOT install the product, this merely creates a directory structure which is the same as if the install CD were mounted in the new directory.

  2. Change to the new directory, it will be something similar to the following line:
    % cd bxe
  3. This directory may contain several directories of software that were packaged on this media. Read the file "manifest" for a full description. In this directory you will also find a pdf file install.pdf (or install.txt), which will give you detailed installation instructions.
  4. Change into the appropriate subdirectory that contains the BX PRO eval and type:
    % ./setup

I have received the software in a .bin format. How do I install using a .bin file?
Please run the .bin file from the command prompt. This will start a GUI installer which will guide you through the installation process.