Integrated Computer Solutions Releases UIM/X 3.1.1

The Premier Client/Server Application Development Tool Now Available on Linux

Bedford, MA – July 24, 2007 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. today announced the latest release of UIM/X™, an interactive client/server application development tool that enables developers to build Motif GUIs in a fraction of the time it takes by hand.

In addition to supporting the most current version of Motif (2.x) and being available on the latest versions of Solaris and HP-UX, UIM/X 3.1.1 is now available for Linux. This release delivers a rare productivity tool for UNIX/Linux developers creating or maintaining the user interfaces of high-performance applications that demand the power, portability, and flexibility of a UNIX/Linux environment.

"When ICS acquired the UIM/X product line from Bluestone Consulting, Inc., the company made a commitment to UIM/X users to continue enhancing and supporting the software,” said Mark Hatch, COO of Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. "ICS is responding to our customer needs for a Linux solution with the release of UIM/X 3.1.1, and we will continue to provide new software solutions and full support to help developers create and maintain their highly advanced, mission-critical applications.”

UIM/X 3.1.1 is currently available on Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris. More information and evaluation copies are available at this page. To request a one-on-one demonstration, send mail to UIM/X customers under support will receive an upgrade notification with details of how to download the latest version.

About Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc.
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the User Interface Company™ of Bedford, MA, was founded in 1987 and is the world’s leading provider of advanced visual development tools and services for UNIX and Linux professionals. ICS' series of GUI builders, BX PRO and UIM/X, have been long recognized as the software of choice for visually creating mission-critical, high-performance Motif applications. Additionally, ICS is the largest independent supplier of add-on products, training, and professional services for the Qt® multi-platform framework developed by Trolltech®.

ICS has also acquired CenterLine Systems, the technology leader in C/C++ testing solutions, combining two powerful product lines to greatly enhance and simplify the entire software development process.

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