ICS Acquires Centerline Development Systems, Inc.

Provides a Pathway to Linux for Centerline's Unix C/C++ Software Developers

Cambridge, Mass. - August 17, 2004 — Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the leading supplier of visual development tools for UNIX and Linux professionals, announced today the acquisition of Centerline Development Systems, Inc. of Needham, Massachusetts along with plans to migrate the Centerline products to the Linux platform. Centerline was the technology leader in C/C++ software development tools for UNIX workstations with strong presence in the Homeland Defense and Financial sectors. The acquisition provides Centerline customers with assurance of high quality service continuity and access to product enhancements while expanding ICS' product offering to include software testing and development environments. ICS plans to make the Centerline products available on the Linux platform. Sesha Pratap, Centerline's founder and former president will be joining ICS' board of directors.

"For the tens of thousands of Centerline customers, there will soon be a path to Linux," said Peter Winston, President of ICS. "Centerline's customers have built many of the critical defense and financial systems which are still in use today and are eager to bring their favorite development tools with them as they migrate their applications from UNIX to Linux."

A Centerline technology partner since 1992, ICS' BX series of GUI builders have supported Centerline components on UNIX platforms. Installed on tens of thousands of UNIX computer workstations, many customers have been asking for a Linux option to enable easy migration with a lower learning curve for new developers. ICS intends to revitalize the Centerline product line and make them available on Linux.

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