XDND interoperability?

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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 08/07/2002 - 15:41. Developers

I`ve read somewhere that KDE and GNOME, which both use the XDND protocol, now also support Motif drag-n-drop (at least partially). So I gave it a shot and added a "text/uri-list" target (the standard XDND target for filename lists) to my file manager (xplore), passing the filename(s) as a cr-lf-delimited list of URLs in plain ASCII, as specified by the text/uri-list MIME format.

The result Konqueror apparently just ignores the target, and nautilus complains about an invalid transfer type and then dumps core. And in both cases, my conversion callback apparently never gets invoked. (

Does anyone have a working piece of Motif code demonstrating how to do drag-n-drop between Motif and GNOME/Gtk or KDE/Qt applications? (Preferably using the Motif 2.x dnd interface.)

To the OpenMotif developers Are there any plans to add XDND interoperability to a future OpenMotif version? I think that this would be a good idea.

Any help appreciated.

Albert Graef

Tue, 07/10/2012 - 11:43
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