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Fri, 06/15/2012 - 12:07

While testing an application I have been working on for some time I rediscovered Motif Bug 1117 which is recorded in the bug database. When I looked at the bug though I found that it was reported as fixed as suggested. Looking at the CVS I thought that it was fixed in 1.3 revision of lib/Xm/Label.c. I noticed that the ?TAG? label for 1.4 revision of the same file is release_2_2_4.
I have downloaded the openmotif-2.2.4-0.1.src.rpm from the http// directory but have found that the lib/Xm/Label.c revision 1.2 is the same as the one released in that src.rpm file. Revision 1.2 of Label.c does not contain the bug fix for bug 1117.
Have I misunderstood the branching tags? If so, what version of OpenMotif should I expect the bug 1117 to be fixed in. If I have not misunderstood the tags then would it be possible to have a corrected release made that uses the bug fix for bug 1117? I am willing to file a bug report if need be, but I am not sure whether I am just one with a misunderstanding here.
This bug 1117 which is corrected by changing a call to ?strlen(str)? to be ?(str)?strlen(str)0? in Label.c is one that is critical for me for when I middle mouse click on an XmLabel in my internationalized application the program in question core-dumps. If this bug 1117 is not expected to be fixed in the 2.2 series then is there a work-around? If there is a work-around then is it possible for the person who documents the work-around to explain why the work-around works.
Thank you for your help.
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