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I am working on an application that would like to manipulate (a copy) of the desktop icons. I have queried the Xtree
of the root window and obtained the the window id`s of the icon window for each top level application (and have even experimented with reparenting them but that gets messy). I know that the window manager, 4dwm on IRIX aka mwm, maintains the pixmap of the applications icon window in order to repaint it once it has been obscured and then exposed.
My question is if there is any mechanism for querying the window manager for the icon window`s pixmap.
For example, I have tried the following code
gc = XtGetGC( w, GCForeground | GCBackground, &gcvalues );
wmhints = XGetWMHints( XtDisplay(bar), top_win );
XCopyArea( dpy, wmhints->icon_pixmap, copy_of_icon_pixmap, gc, 0, 0, ICON_WD, ICON_HT, 0, 0 );
to no avail. I have also wondered if the data is contained in the background_pixmap attribute of the XSetWindowAttributes structure. Unfortunately, the mechanism for communicating this type of data seem to be primarily for INSERTING a pixmap for the icon windows, not the other way around.
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