Development (60)

1. General Development

  • Amulet Automatic Manufacture of Usable - C++ GUI development environment to be portable across X11, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh
  • CDE Common Desktop Environment
  • LuaMotif Lua binding for Motif, BSD licensed
  • VDX GUI builder for Motif, GPL

2. GUIBuilder (6)

  • BX PRO BX PRO provides a comprehensive visual reuse environrment that speeds development of mission-critical applications
  • LXB An X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder
  • SAMMI GUI builder for realtime/redundant/high performance applications
  • TeleUSE for UNIX GUI builder using Motif
  • UIM/X The premier client/server application development tool
  • X-Designer Advanced and feature rich X/Motif GUI builder. Also includes GUI testing and legacy Motif application migration tools

3. Toolkits (29)

  • Amulet Project User interface development environment for C++
  • Coin 3D A LGPL'ed implementation of the Open Inventor API
  • Cygwin/XFree86 A port of XFree86 to the Microsfot Windows family of operating systems
  • DDD Graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, ladebug, etc
  • eXceed PC X Server and development toolkits (aka "XDK")
  • Fresco At one point Fresco was an X consortium supported effort and viewed by many as the future C++ toolkit for X
  • FVWM Homepage Provides virtual desktop support, a built-in pager, SHAPED windows and icons, the capability to use color icons with XPM support, and a module interface that is easy to modify and add functionality
  • GNU plotutils Library and utils for various plotting needs
  • GraphApp C portability toolkit which allows programs to work on many operating systems and with many screen resolutions and depths
  • Hisot-Scope Plotting Widget Collection of six Motif widgets for graphing and plotting
  • ILOG VIEWS Portable C++ library of graphical objects and behaviors with a GUI editor
  • IUP Portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces
  • Klm Free scripting environment based on the Motif toolkit
  • Mesa 3D graphics library with an API that is very similar to that of OpenGL
  • mxascii X/Motif program to display ASCII character set (0-127)
  • Netpbm Utilities for primitive manipulation of graphic images
  • OpenDX Software package for the visualization of scientific, engineering, and analytical data
  • Python X extension X11 interface to the Python language
  • The XPM Format and Library ASCII image format and a C library
  • Tooltips made easy Tooltips can be integrated in Motif without great changes. The tooltip utlitiy contains all the functions needed for this
  • V C++ GUI Framework
  • VieweKit More than just a set of C++ wrappers, ViewKit provides an application framework for developing in C++ and Motif
  • Wafe This package provides a scripting interface to Xt, Athena Widget Set, OSF/Motif, and various complementary widget classes and extension packages
  • wxWidgets C++ framework providing GUI and other facilities on more than one platform
  • Xarm A C++ wrapper of the Motif library and the Xmext library. Xarm supports both Motif 1.2.x and Motif 2.0.x
  • XForms Home Page A graphical user interface toolkit for X
  • XIE and XIElib X image extension
  • Xmt Provides user interface developers tools that make Motif easier to use. Xmt consists of the core library of additional widgets and utility programs
  • Cross-platform GUI toolkit for C and C++, supports X/Motif, Windows, and Macintosh using the same code base

4. Widgets (22)

  • ansi xterm ANSI Xterm with Motif Scrollbar
  • Contributed Widgets Provided with the X Windows distribution, it is a good place to start too!
  • EPakPRO EnhancementPak is an advanced set of OSF/Motif widgets extensively tested in hundreds of large-scale commercial software applications
  • HView HTML Widget Motif widget that renders HTML text
  • INT X/Motif INT X/Motif Widgets are quality assured software components available for such tasks as seismic and well log display and editing and surface contouring
  • Knvas widget Provides graphical display and direct manipulation methods. One might use this widget to display graphics that the end user would directly manipulate
  • ListTree Widget A low resource widget designed to display text strings in a "directory list" sort of structure
  • LiteClue Widget Free bubble help/tips/balloon help widget from Computer Generation
  • mcmap Displays X colormap
  • mdgclock Digital clock in Motif
  • Motif Widgets in Motion Three widgets to display scientific data as dynamic plot
  • NCSA Mosaic NCSA Mosaic source
  • qtip Balloon help in Motif applications
  • SciPlot Widget A full-featured Xt widget to display 2D data in a graph
  • Spinbox Widget A freely available widget that allows you to provide users with a pre-defined set of values accessible by an arrow
  • The Xbae Widget SetGroup of three widgets, originally part of the Bellcore Application Environment
  • Wafe A programming environment for X toolkit based applications
  • Xg widget set Provides Motif equivalents of many of the controls found in MS Windows
  • WINTERP 2.10 The OSF/Motif widget interpreter
  • XmHTML Supports HTML 3.2 functionality
  • XmpSpinbox Widget An extensible data selection widget
  • XRT widget set An excellent collection of widgets including 2D/3D graphs and tables
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