Sensitivity invisible with antialiased fonts

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Submitted by dpeterc on Thu, 06/21/2007 - 19:49.

Cross posting the bug 1381 which I have entered

If I use XFT fonts, the insensitive buttons or text fields
are not drawn at all. This makes it rather unusable.
With normal fonts, the text is stippled with a 2x2 check,
which was fine in 1990, with black and white X servers.
Nowadays, it is nonsense, especially with AA fonts.
The easy way to do the "right thing" is to draw a lighter
etched in text instead of the bitmap overlap, which is
both ugly and not readable on thin fonts.
The etched in version can be drawn simply by drawing the
text twice with a sligthly lighter colors and small x+1, y+1 offset.
Usually, insensitive buttons or text fields must still be
readable, even if user can not interact with them.
One example of fixing this was xmLabelHack by bj John L. Cwikla,
and this approach is used in ddd. But xmLabelHack works just
on labels, proper solution whould also work on XmTextField.
Since XmNsensitive property is completely broken with AA
fonts, it would be now a good opportunity to correct it in
all cases.
I am using OpenSuse 10.2 with OM 2.3beta
I did not see any relevant changes in CVS with respect to the final OM 2.3

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 12:59
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