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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 05/28/2002 - 20:41. General Questions
I am trying to compile xmgrace under Mac OS X. It worked fine on one machine, with Tenon XTools. On another machine with XDarwin (XFree86), I found that I needed to install the Motif libraries. That seemed to work fine.

While compiling xmgrace, it bombs trying to link to the call "nl_langinfo". I noticed that nl_langinfo was part of the developer extras that are to be installed with Motif. These extras include some headers (in "include") and some c code, libraries, etc in "langinfo". Where should I install these files? I thought putting the headers in /usr/local/include and the .a library files in usr/local/lib would do the trick (similar to where the installer sticks the Motif stuff), but it has no effect, so clearly I`m doing something wrong.


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