Application freeze if using touch screen

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I am supporting a customer who uses openmotif 2.3.3-4 on Redhat 6.3. The application is running on a system together with a touch screen and a pen.

If I open a popup menu in the application and put the pen somewhere on the screen outside the menu the application (and all others) freezes. This happens only if the mouse cursor is not moving continuously  but set to a new location in one step. The problem can be worked around by pressing the escape key. This unfreezes the applications. The problem is reproducible with a simple application like "Example  19-1 The simple_popup.c program" from

It seems that the XmMOUSE_LEAVE event is not created if the cursor is not moving continuously.

The problem is new for version 2.3.3-4. It worked fine for Redhat 5.3 with openmotif 2.3.1-2.

Are there others knowing this problem?

Is there another way to workaround this problem? Pressing the escape key is not acceptable in this application.

We filed a bug on this topic yesterday.







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