nedit problems on openmotif 2.3 beta

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Submitted by dpeterc on Fri, 02/16/2007 - 19:45.

I have compiled nedit 5.5 with openmotif 2.3 beta,
which ships as standard on OpenSUSE 10.2
Nedit is a great example of old and tested code, which works without
problems on older versions of Motif. So any problems must be caused
by OpenMotif, not by nedit source.
If I try to open a file, file selection box spits out thousands of

Ignoring Xlib error error code 2 request code 91

This is the full nedit info
NEdit 5.5
Sep 30, 2004

Built on Linux, 386, GNU C
Built at Jan 13 2007, 202303
With Motif 2.3.0 [@(#)Motif Version 2.3.0] (UNTESTED)
Running Motif 2.3 [unknown]
Server The X.Org Foundation 70000001
Visual 32-bit TrueColor (ID 0x2e)
Locale en_US.UTF-8

Can some OM developer please download and compile nedit,
and check this out. If "simple" text editor like nedit has
trouble, then other applications will also break.

By the way, I am using compiz.
Same application statically linked against older motif works OK.

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 13:06
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