How to change window background color, font size, menubar style etc on all Motif apps without CDE?

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 12/05/2010 - 20:48. General Questions
These screenshots show different Motif/OpenMotif windows with and without CDE. The font size, window background colour, button color, menubar bevel edges etc. look different:

Is those values set by MWM, CDE or some "general" Motif configuration file? I guess CDE can be used to change colors, font and so on for all Motif apps, but how can this be changed on platforms without CDE or when using other window managers?

In GTK/Gnome it is quite easy to choose a theme and then it changes for all GTK apps - there must be a similar way with Motif applications?

I have been wondering about this for quite some time, searching the internet for several hours with no answers :(

Fri, 06/29/2012 - 10:37
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