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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 04/08/2001 - 14:47. Developers
Now that openMotif can be built using autoconf, and toolTips have been added, it`s time for the next step. Is anyone out there interested in integrating editres support into openMotif???

The toolTip branch in CVS already links in Xmu, if it can be found. However some very usefull features do not work with openMotif. Select widget in client is one of the features. This function is broken with openMotif because the XmVendorShell lies about the position of it`s child. Another feature that does not work is the GetValues feature. This is mainly because of incomplete support in Xmu, but also because openMotif lacks the necessary something to String converters. Both of these features are nice to have, and fairly simple to overcome. I already have the code in my tree, with the exception of the converters, but if the response is as limited as the reponse to toolTips it won`t make it any further.

I still see alot of complaints, but I don`t see alot of support for improving the situation!!!!

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