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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 12:07

Hi all, i'm very confused on rendertable and rendition.
I want to create a multifont - multicolor label widget, named label1.
I have a code module used to create the label. After i define in resource file the following lines:
*label1.renderTable: bold, oblique
*label1.renderTable.bold.renditionForeground: Green
*label1.renderTable.bold.fontName: *-*-*-bold-*-iso8859-1
*label1.renderTable.bold.fontType: FONT_IS_FONT
*label1.renderTable.oblique.renditionBackground: Red
*label1.renderTable.oblique.renditionForeground: Yellow
*label1.renderTable.oblique.fontName: *-*-*-italic-*-iso8859-1
*label1.renderTable.oblique.fontType: FONT_IS_FONT
*label1.renderTable.oblique.underlineType: AS_IS
*label1.renderTable*tabList: 1in, +1.5in
but the label appears only in green foreground. I want to draw the first half of label in green and the second in yellow foreground.
1) Where i do a mistake?
2) How can i assign a tagged labelstring to label1 (from resourcefile), or a rendition to a labelstring part? For example *label1.labelString: bbbbbbbbboooooooooo where b is bold and o is oblique?
3) Why the tab stops are assigned on a rendition and not on the whole rendertable?
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