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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 12:07

I`m creating an XmRowColumn popup menu in Motif 2.1.30 on Red Hat Linux,
using the XmCreatePopupMenu utility function. It is being parented on the window
manager shell for a dialog, because I`m sharing the same popup menu across
the application. The XmRowColumn widget contains a set of XmPushButton
The problem I`m experiencing is that the menu entry under the cursor is not
being highlighted as the cursor is moved around the popup menu. Selection
is still working correctly, however (ie, release of MB1 over an entry (ie, the
correct button`s activate callback is being called).
Highlighting of the XmRowColumn entries will work correctly under two
1- Moving the cursor out of, then back into, the XmRowColumn widget will
result in correct highlighting of the entries until the mouse button is released.
Bringing up the popup menu again will result in the entries NOT being
highlighted unless the mouse is again moved out of, and back into, the popup.
2- Clicking MB3 anywhere within the parent shell window will result in the popup
XmRowColumn correctly highlighting the entries any time it is brought up.
Moving the mouse out of, and back into, the popup is no longer necessary!
Can anyone suggest why this behavior might be happening? I assume I need
to initialize something that I`m missing, but that clicking MB3 in the parent shell
is setting. But I have no idea what! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Mike McCabe
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