How to send data from a non-motif application to a motif app

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Hi everyone!
I am new with Motif. These days I am developing a GUI for my another application which monitors a data stream.
The senario is like this:
I have one non-Motif application named "" and a Motif-based GUI application named "gui".
Whenever "monitor " generates an data tuple, I want to send it to "gui" and want to show the data tuple in "gui".
How can I accomplish this?
I failed in my own way as following:
I defined all the widgets as file scope variables which are shared by all subthreads.
Then I create the widgets of the graphical interface in main thread and realize all the widgets. Then before entering the Motif event loop, I create another subthread.
In the subthread, I use XClearArea for the purpose of sending an XExposeEvent to do some drawing.
Necessary codes are listed below. Can anyone find what's the problem with my method? Thank you!
// define all the widgets, including a drawing area
Widgets drawarea;
GC drawarea_gc;
GCValues drawarea_gcv;
// Thread function
void *thread_fun( void *data );
int main( int argc, char **argv )
pthread_t thread;
CreateWidgets( argc, argv ); // Create all the widgets
RegisterCallback(); // Register some callbacks
RegisterEventHandler(); // Register some event handlers
XtRealizeWidget( shell );
printf( "In main thread, drawarea's window: %d\n", XtWindow(drawarea) );
pthread_create( &thread, NULL, thread_fun, NULL );
XtAppMainLoop( app );
return 0;
void *thread_fun( void *arg )
printf( "In subthread, rmssd_da's window: %d\n", XtWindow(rmssd_da) );
sleep(3); // To prevent the drawing action when the widget window is initialized
// Wants to tell the widget drawarea to draw a line
int ret = XClearArea( XtDisplay( drawarea ), 50, 50, 100, 100, XtWindow( drawarea ), TRUE ); // To send XExposeEvent
printf( "%d, %d, %d: %d\n", BadMatch, BadValue, BadWindow, ret );
void RegisterEventHandler()
XtAddEventHandler( drawarea, ExposureMask, FALSE, DrawLine, NULL );
void DrawLine( Widget da, XtPointer clientData, XEvent *event, Boolean *contDispatch )
drawarea_gcv.line_style = LineOnOffDash;
drawarea = XtGetGC( drawarea, GCLineStyle, & drawarea_gcv );
XDrawLine( XtDisplay( drawarea ), XtWindow( drawarea ), drawarea_gc, 60, 60, 120, 120 ); // Draw a line
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