Debian groks OpenMotif 2.2

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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 02/12/2002 - 18:51. Developers
The "redhat" rpm for 2.2 works great with debian. The best I`ve encountered infact.

The util. "alien" converts the .rpm to .deb with no fuss or adjustment (that`s the preffered way to install foriegn pkgs).

Either way, I hope "Debian" is seen as a download option - even if it dl`s the "redhat" rpm.

Infact - openmotif 2.2 is much more reliable under debian than on redhat 7.0 and 7.2 (as is mozilla !).


I`m all for Deb! Its doing me quite well - with far less "glitches", hangups, and workarounds than RedHat.

Debian is very similar to redhat but without the "hacks". It has the stability of Slackware. It has the *MOST* packages of any linux distribution even before RPM compatibility is considered.

More importantly, Deb`s operating environment is more of a midway between Slackware and Redhat. My "exports/home" rsync between the three with almost no considerations.

"Potato" isn`t the "quick easy" install redhat it. I think its worth the wait. Its the kind of distribution you wait to upgrade because its working )

Its the poor man`s SGI? )

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