I have a question not answered here. How do I get help from ICS in a timely manner?

If you want the fastest possible response to your support question, try to do ALL of the following:

  1. If you are not yet a customer, please send your questions through your ICS sales representative. If you are not sure who that might be, send email to sales@ics.com and the proper person will get in touch with you.
  2. If you are a customer and are having problems using an ICS product, send your support request to support@ics.com. Sending your support request to any other email address will only delay our response. DO NOT sending your support report to a specific person at ICS. If that person is on vacation or traveling for the day, the response to your problem could be delayed.
  3. Make sure that you receive an automated reply from ICS Support with a case number. Make a note of that case number and include it on all communications with ICS Support. If you do not immediately receive the automated acknowledgement to your support request, send email to the support manager.
  4. On any communication with ICS, make sure you put the case number between "["..."]" (e.g., [94271]) in the subject line. This will ensure that your email is logged into your case. Again, always reply to support@ics.com and not directly to a specific person. This allows multiple people to work on your case.
  5. Include with your initial support request, your Support Number. This was provided on your letter that accompanied your software. When you renew your support, you will also receive a letter with your support number. ICS Support will always ask for this support number before responding. If you do not know it, and you are using BX 6, send us your Media Serial Number. This will be the quickest mechanism to find your support number. This serial number is available via Help->Media Serial Number. If you are not using BX 6, tell ICS Support in your initial email that you cannot find your Support Number and they will research it. This can delay your response, so please write it down for future use when we find it!
  6. Depending on the problem attach one of the following files to your email:
    -If this is a license problem, attach your license.dat file.
    -If this is an installation problem, attach your install log file. It is in /tmp and looks like:
    -If you are having a problem with the design of your user interface, make sure that you attach your UIL file.
    -If you are having a runtime problem, reduce your code to a minimal case that demonstrates the error.
  7. Include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the error. Screen captures are also very helpful!
  8. Please include a description of your hardware/software environment. At a minimum, this description should specify hardware, operating system version, C++ compiler version. On Linux, you might want to describe the distribution, kernel version and release of glibc too. Network topology might also be relevant if you are experiencing a licensing failure and the license server is on another machine or if you are using a PC Xterm like Hummingbird.
  9. The smaller the test case that exhibits the problem the better! If we have to create our own test case, the response delay could be significant and we might never be able to duplicate your problem.